Our Church Ministries

Bible School – Harvesters Bible Training Centre (HBTC)

Harvesters Global Church runs The Harvesters Bible Training Centre (HBTC) whose mission is to prepare the body of Christ for the work of ministry through biblically sound, practical and Holy Spirit led programs. The classes are taught by seasoned teachers led by the Senior Pastor who is the Chancellor of the Centre. The HBTC awards Associate of Arts degree in Theological Studies through affiliation with Visions Bible College & Seminary in Florida, USA.  The HBTC curriculum is also associated with Victorious Living ministries International, USA. HBTC also awards a diploma and certificate in biblical studies. The duration of the programs ranges from one year to three years and the lessons are currently held once weekly on Saturdays between 8am and 1pm. The centre has so far graduated over 300 students with various awards.


Children Ministry

The Children Ministry in Harvesters Global Church is age graded and ministers to children from Ages 3 to 12 years. The classes are a blend of the word of God, Worship, Fun activities and Life skills training. The Children ministry is staffed with trained teachers who have a call to minister among the children.


The ministry has a dedicated Children Pastor and the Children’s Church runs concurrently with the Main church Services every Sunday between 9 and 2pm.


Counseling Ministry

The Church from a felt need to minister holistically to its members and the body of Christ established the counseling ministry in 2018 to offer free counseling to anyone in need of it. The Ministry has 10 professionally trained counselors available on Thursdays from 9am to 1pm.


Bookings for counseling sessions are done through the Church office on 0717700333.


Couples Family Ministry

This is a fellowship of couples that runs from the Senior Pastor office. The purpose of the fellowship is give the couples within the church credible and growing friendships while building Christ like character in the family set up.


The ministry convenes to run meet ups and workshops to address pertinent issues arising within the family set up. The ministry is open to every married couple within the church.


Discipleship Ministry

The church runs a 4 month bible based discipleship program intended to ground the believer to their faith on the Lord Jesus Christ. The program also serves as a gateway to identify potentials in the disciple and harness the same for future service in the church.


The program currently runs on Saturdays between 9am and 12pm and has two seasons every year running from March to June and August to November respectively.


Marriage School

The church runs a marriage school that has the onus to prepare would be couples for marriage and equip existing married couples on marriage essentials to solidify their union.


The program runs in two seasons every year February to June and August to November respectively. Recruitment for the school starts immediately after every class. The Pastors of marriage preside over marriage ceremonies and also offer marriage counseling to couples.


Media Ministry

This ministry serves to amplify the voice of the ministry and also give it visibility to the outside world. The ministry oversees the in-house, on-line and communications within and without the church.


Men’s Ministry – Men of Valor

The men’s ministry christened Men of Valor is a community of men who meet weekly and monthly to fellowship, grow together and sharpen one another in life and godliness. The Ministry runs custom programs addressing men issues balanced with spiritual principles.


The men meet every 1st Saturday of the month at 2pm for plenary sessions and every Friday at 9pm for all night prayers. The Fellowship is open to every man aged 18 and above.


Mercy Purse

This is the giving arm of the church and has spread its impact in schools supporting needy students from primary to university, mercy feeding in supply of food to poor homes, supporting distressed families in times of medical and other emergencies as well as supporting other mercy related outfits.


Midweek Services – Healing & Deliverance Service

The church runs a mid week service every Tuesday at 10am


Single Parents Ministry - Threshers

The church has a dedicated ministry supporting the unique needs of single parents. The ministry is called Threshers and focuses on the needs of the parent and the children. It also supports widows and widowers.


Singles Ministry- The Furnace

The ministry is called The Furnace. It ministers to all singles 25 years to 40 years. The mission of the ministry is to connect single adults to God and each other to live out their purpose in a Christ centered environment.


The ministry has 3 core values

Believe – Mature in faith and in Service to God.

Belong – Build meaningful and fulfilling relationships.

Become – Discover purpose and pursue it.



The Furnace has 3 focus areas

People A focus on wholesome development of the individual

Pursuits A focus on Career and Entrepreneurship

Purpose A focus on Serving God and others


The Furnace convenes on the 3rd Sunday of every month at 2.30pm besides other outdoor and out of location events targeted to meet the need of the single Christian.


Sunday Worship Services

The order of services is as below;


7.30am        Workers Service

9.00am        First Service – Word Emphasis

12.00pm      Second Service – Ministration Emphasis


The First Sunday of the Month is a Holy Communion service.


Teens Ministry

The teens in the church are accommodated within the church through innovative teen’s programs. The highlight of the teen’s ministry is the Teens Word Fest (TWF) an intense three day event held every school holiday that gathers approximately 1000 teenagers.


The TWF is tailored to respond to the unique needs of the modern pre teen and teen today. The age group targeted is 11 to 19 years.  This is a full church sponsored program that runs between 8am and 4pm with meals.



The church recognizes that for greater and more impactful ministry there must be continuous development and growth in its work force. The training arm of the church performs periodical needs assessments across the various segments of service and custom trainings to mitigate gaps identified.


Women Ministry– Daughters of Destiny

This is the fellowship of all the ladies within the church from age 18 onwards. Ladies gather every First Saturday of the month at 2pm for their monthly meeting which incorporates teachings, experiences, exhortations, trainings and life transforming events.


The Daughters of Destiny also meet every Thursday at 11am to 2pm for prayer.


Besides the monthly and weekly meetings the Daughters of Destiny hosts retreats, conferences and workshops all aimed at empowering the member spiritually and for life.


Youth Ministry

This caters for all the young people between age 18 and 24 years. The ministry organizes events and programs specific to the age group. The ministry has an evangelistic Youth conference held every Forth Saturday of the month beginning at 11am to 5pm.


The Youth also have a Youth Service that runs between, 7.30am and 9.00am.



The church recognizes that for greater and more impactful ministry there must be continuous development and growth in its work force. The training arm of the church performs periodical needs assessments across the various segments of service and custom trainings to mitigate gaps identified.